Project approach

project apporach figure

Most MFIs currently operate with basic tools like paper, pencils and Excel, which requires significant staff time spent in repetitive procedures and implies a lack of control over institutional knowledge of customers. Systemized and detailed analysis is needed to know more about customers’ realities and propose specific EbA solutions. The basic principles of the project are:

  1. To provide tools for MFIs to identify risks associated with climate change, determine possible responses (EbA measures), and foster their implementation.
  2. To support MFIs in the integration and promotion of MEbA solutions within the products and services they offer to customers, be it as specific loan purposes in existing products or through new financial products.
  3. To support MFIs in the establishment of strategic partnerships, primarily public-private, with technical service providers for awareness-raising and training of customers.
  4. To collaborate with national governments, development banks and private sector fund managers to promote public policies and lines of credit that enable the participation of the microfinance sector as a catalyst for sustainable climate change adaptation processes.