MEbA solutions

The MEbA project is focused on developing solutions so that Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) and their clients may increase their capacity to manage climate risks and implement Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EbA) options.

Andean agroecosystems

Andean agroecosystems

MEbA solutions: Promotion of EbA options for small farmers through awareness raising, technical assistance and financing

Tools: MEbA Options costs and benefits; Andean Agriculture in the face of climate change

Expected Benefits:

  • Reduced pressure on ecosystems and the services they provide
  • Protection, restoration or use of biodiversity and ecosystems in a sustainable manner
  • Natural infrastructure strengthened to help farmers adapt to climate change
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Small farmers / MFI clients

MEbA solutions: Awareness-raising, capacity-building and technical assistance to implement EbA options

Tools: The MEbA economic game, simplified EbA fact sheets

Expected benefits:

  • Income stabilization through diversification and strengthening of productive activities
  • Increased capacity to address climate-related risks, implement better agricultural practices and sustainably manage ecosystems and their services
  • Improved ability to serve debts and save for future emergencies and needs
Farmers given money


MEbA solutions: Policies, procedures and tools to increase the capacity of MFIs to promote EbA-oriented microfinance products autonomously

All MEbA solutions are designed targeting replication and up-scaling

Tools: CEUS software; Quick scan for MFIs; Prioritization of EbA options; EbA cost matrix

Expected benefits:

  • Enhanced management of production, market, social and environmental risks in agro-lending through climate-smart methodologies
  • Greater efficiency through readiness for ICT-based solutions
  • Accelerated and sustained learning via centralization and systemization of institutional know-how
  • Informed client segmentation and customized products and services through comprehensive and sound data management
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Strategical technical partners

MEbA solutions: Development of curricula and training of trainers to strengthen capacity in the provision of technical assistance to farmers on EbA alternatives

Tools: Demonstration farms; EbA capacity index, EbA verification

Expected benefits:

  • Incorporation of climate change topics and provision of technical assistance on EbA within existing service offer
  • Assurance of quality standards in the implementation of EbA options via provision of inputs and technical assistance
  • Hands-on demonstration of EbA 
capital building


MEbA solutions: Promotion of public policies and strategic partnerships aimed at sustainable rural development

Tool: Micro-loans for reducing the vulnerability of small agricultural producers to climate risks – a perspective from the: Colombian , Peruvian Andes

Expected benefits:

  • Enabling policy environment to leverage capital for sustainable adaptation finance
  • Strengthened ability of agriculture and financial systems to promote rural resilience and food security
  • Increased awareness in vulnerable populations to opt for EbA alternatives
bank building

Development Banks

MEbA solutions: Promotion of green inclusive finance, aimed at generating triple bottom-line returns for investors in a transparent and scalable way

Tools: Concepts for financing mechanisms (e.g. credit lines, guarantee schemes) and accompanying monitoring systems developed upon request.

Expected benefits:

  • Transparency in reporting on financial mechanisms with enhanced data management on triple bottom-line results
  • Credit lines built with technical assistance component on EbA implementation
  • Replication and up-scaling of the MEbA concept in other countries or regions

Brief description of MEbA tools

  • Microfinance for Ecosystem-based Adaptation: Options, costs and benefits: A catalogue of systematized descriptive fact sheets on EbA options.
  • Andean Agriculture in the Face of Climate Change: A reference framework presenting key concepts of the MEbA project.
  • Economic games: board game for awareness-raising and marketing activities on investing in EbA options.
  • Simplified EbA fact sheets: A graphic summary of the methodology for the effective implementation of EbA measures, for use in awareness-raising among MFI clients and loan officers.
  • CEUS software: credit analysis tool that incorporates climate and market criteria for risk assessment.
  • Quick scan for MFIs: a tool that enables MFIs interested in the MEbA concept to conduct a quick assessment of their portfolios, processes and procedures for the potential incorporation of climate criteria.
  • Prioritization of EbA options: enables the selection of the measures best suited to the local context based on a cost-benefit analysis.
  • EbA costs matrix: database with inputs and costs of EbA measures, which may be parameterized.
  • Demonstration farms: model farms with sample EbA options developed with MFIs and technical partners for awareness-raising and capacity-building activities.
  • EbA capacity index: estimates the capacity of customers for the use of ecosystem-based adaptation measures.
  • EbA verification: enables the validation of effective implementation of EbA measures.
  • Micro-loans for reducing the vulnerability of small agricultural producers to climate risks – a perspective from the: Colombian Andes, Peruvian Andes.