Vision, Mission and objectives

The Microfinance for Ecosystem-based Adaptation (MEbA) project aims to provide vulnerable rural and peri-urban populations in the Andean region of Colombia and Peru with microfinance services and products that will allow them to invest in activities related to ecosystem sustainability, improving their income and resilience towards climate change effects. In its initial phase, MEbA is working with five microfinance institutions (MFIs) in Peru and Colombia. On the basis of the results achieved, the project could potentially be expanded to other countries or regions.

Target area and pilot MFI branches

Target area and pilot MFI branches


To enhance the climate resilience of vulnerable rural communities through microfinance products and services that promote sustainable management of ecosystems and their services.


To strengthen the capacities of microfinance institutions and small-scale agricultural producers in the northern tropical Andes to adapt to climate change through an ecosystem-based approach.


The Microfinance for Ecosystem-based-Adaptation to Climate Change (MEbA) project has the following objectives:

  1. To provide technical assistance to at least four microfinance institutions for the development of climate-smart lending methodologies, including innovations in climate risk management.
  2. To create and implement microfinance products tailored to the needs of customers and aimed at promoting Ecosystem-based-Adaptation (EbA).
  3. To foster awareness-raising and training initiatives, through partnerships, focused on reducing the vulnerability of small-scale agricultural producers in the Colombian and Peruvian Andes regions.
  4. To promote the inclusion of alternative financing schemes in public policies as well as private investment in sustainable climate change adaptation.